Safety is more than a priority with RSS — it is a value. Priorities may change, but values remain constant. The value that we place on safety drives the passionate approach we take with every job, every worker, every day.

Our Commitments

Two commitments summarize our approach to safety: “If it’s Not Safe, Don’t Do It!” and “Show Me You Care, Make Me Aware!”

The first is a simple yet powerful principle that, when followed, guarantees the safety of our workers and those around us. Empowered to stop unsafe work conditions, our employees understand the need to do each work task in a safe manner while ensuring their co-workers do the same. That is why our safety program is designed to adapt to the various products and equipment used within our industry. Attention to safety and quality workmanship is what separates RSS from our competition.

The second reminds us of the fact that we’re not in this alone. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Workers are encouraged to make sure that all around them are working in a safe manner. Likewise, a worker should expect that their teammates are looking out for his/her safety as well.

Our Training

Our Standard Training & Orientation Program (S.T.O.P.) includes a detailed description of company policies and safe work procedures. All employees receive safety orientation when hired and continue to receive updated safety training throughout their careers.

OSHA 10 hour training is required for all of our workers while OSHA 30 hour training is a must for our supervisors. RSS Roofing Services & Solutions has also developed an extensive supervisor training program that focuses on how to effectively communicate, demonstrate and enforce policies and procedures that keep our workplace safe.

Recently we have partnered with the Health & Safety Institute to provide additional training options and learning management for our team members. H.S.I.’s Summit Training Source has training available for hundreds of topics in multiple formats including computer based, DVD, and live PowerPoint presentations and classroom materials. We’re excited about this incredible resource to supplement the training we provide our workers.

Our Record

The excellent safety record we’ve established has gained us an experience rating more than 40% below the average in our industry, but we’re not stopping there. Our desire to be “World Class” is nowhere more evident than in our efforts to continually improve upon an already excellent safety program. With this goal in mind, we recently submitted our program to a third-party review board made up of safety professionals and attorneys specializing in roofing contractor safety. The review panel gave us “extremely high” or “very high” scores on most areas of our program and a “perfect” score for our substance abuse policy. As a result, we were recently honored with an award for our program at the annual meeting of the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association.

Our Incentives

Like many companies, RSS Roofing Services & Solutions has a safety incentive program. For most companies, however, a safety incentive is given for a certain period of time worked without injury. The Legacy Safety League takes safety incentives to a whole new level by rewarding the proactive behaviors that lead to zero injuries and a safe work place.

In the LSL, employees earn points for participation in safety meetings, completion of pre-task analysis, participation in training, making safety observations, and excellent safety audits. These points can be redeemed for VISA gift cards, boot vouchers, or other goods. The emphasis is placed not only on having zero injuries, but on the activities that ensure safety on the job every day.