YOUNG GUNS: A New Generation of Leaders is Raising the Bar for Future Roofing Contractors

Young GunsIt’s not always easy being the young guy, especially in an industry where experience and credibility play such a large role in how your customers perceive you. But as always, the strong prevail, and demonstrate that youth isn’t necessarily a drawback, yet — through hard work and perseverance — a benefit. That’s exactly how Young Gun roofing contractors operate. These contractors, all under the age of 40, exhibit the characteristics of future leaders, and in an industry that some might argue is growing stale, their young wisdom is what’s helping propel their businesses forward. Whether they are new to the industry, or grew up entrenched in it, these Young Guns are learning from those around them, forging their own paths, and paving the way for the next generation of roofing contractors.

Matt McGrew, general manager of RSS Roofing Services & Solutions, is following in his father’s footsteps.

This was originally published in Roofing Contractor Magazine.

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